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Bruce Sackman on Suspicious Deaths in Healthcare Facilities

SPI President Bruce Sackman lectured at the New York State Police International Homicide Conference in Albany on October 5, 2015, also known as the 28th Annual Colonel Henry F. Williams Homicide Seminar. His topic was Suspicious Deaths in Healthcare Facilities. Attendees come from as far away as Russia and Southeast Asia. This conference is considered…


Nowhere to Hide, Season 2

NOWHERE TO HIDE Season 2 Premiered Thursday, August 20 on Investigation Discovery. The compelling true crime and justice series follows New York City private investigator Steven Rambam, as he recounts the most dramatic stories from his casebook. On Sept 9, ‏@StevenRambam twitted: “John, my show’s producer, just told me that #NowhereToHide @DiscoveryID is on in…


Wilem Wong on the cover of American Legion Magazine

SPI member and NYPD Sergeant Wilem Wong, a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, authored the cover story of the September issue of American Legion Magazine: “Lights of Liberty” available online. In this piece, the post 9/11 veteran is guided by the reasons why the United States went to war and steps taken to secure the…

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