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Message from FBI Director Wray

Bob Levinson – Missing

- Director Wray sent this message to all FBI employees on the 11th anniversary of Bob Levinson’s disappearance. He wanted it shared with FBI Society members as well.

Message from the Director

To all:

Today marks the 11th anniversary of the disappearance of Robert Levinson from Kish Island, Iran. Bob traveled to Iran on March 8, 2007, and he hasn't been seen in person since March 9, 2007.

We, along with our partners in the United States government, have repeatedly called on the government of Iran to share what they know about Bob's disappearance.  Bob was a Special Agent of the FBI for 22 years, and that means something to each and every one of us in the FBI. He will always be part of the FBI family.

Bob will turn 70 tomorrow. That's too many birthdays away from his family and his home - too many missed family parties, anniversaries, and joyful moments, such as the births of his grandchildren. We share in the heartache of the Levinson family.       

Bob's disappearance serves as a constant reminder of why we do the work we do.  Our dedicated team of agents and analysts will continue to work to find Bob and to bring him home to his family. We will follow every lead, and do whatever we can to help. And if there's one thing we know about the FBI, it's that we never give up. We will stand with the Levinson family for as long as it takes to bring Bob home.

Chris Wray