Board of Directors


Bruce Sackman

Bruce Sackman is a private investigator specializing in healthcare-related matters in New York City.


Ernest Lungaro

Ernest Lungaro is director of enforcement at the Westchester County SPCA.


Emmanuelle Welch

Emmanuelle Welch is the founder and lead investigator of French Connection Research, a private investigative agency licensed in New York State and Washington, DC.

General Counsel

Marvin Schechter

Marvin Schechter is attorney at Marvin E. Schechter in New York City.


Yuri Vayman

Uri Vaimann works in law enforcement. He conducts Russian investigations in New York City and oversees cyber investigations.

Immediate Past President

Irving Botwinick

Irving Botwinick is the founder and president of Serving By Irving, Inc. in New York City.

Board Member

Efrat Cohen

Efrat Cohen is the president and COO of Global Intelligence Consultants, Inc.

Board Member

David Crawford

David Crawford is a healthcare executive with Affinity Health Plan.

Board Member

Charles-Eric Gordon, Esq.

Charles-Eric Gordon is an investigative attorney concentrating on locating missing people, complex skiptracing and rent regulation fraud cases. He also consults with other investigative professionals on difficult missing person cases, such as when little information is known about the subject and/or a long term absence is involved. 

Board Member

Bruce Hulme

Bruce Hulme is director of Government Affairs at Investigative & Security Professionals for Legislative Action (ISPLA). He is the legislative liaison for SPI.

Board Member

Charles Iadanza

Past president Charles Iadanza is assistant Director at Bureau of Elligibility Investigation – N.Y.C. H.R.A

Board Member
Donna Karp

Donna Karp is a senior fraud investigator and vice-President at Investicorp, Inc.

Board Member

Steven Levine

Steve Levine is president & CEO of Prolective Solutions, LLC.

Special Assistant to the President

Eileen Gordon