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Bill Golodner to play correction captain in TV pilot

Bill Golodner, a private investigator and SAG card-carrying actor, was cast in the upcoming TV series by Robin Miller, author of Inside the Dark Underbelly of Rikers Island.

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Praise for "Behind the Murder Curtain" written by SPI's President, Bruce Sackman

Praises for Bruce Sackman's new book "Behind the Murder Curtain". Congratulations Mr. President, on these reviews!

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UPDATE: Behind the Murder Curtain - Written by SPI President, Bruce Sackman

UPDATE: Forward written by Dr. Michael Baden BOOK PREORDER ON AMAZON- Congrats to SPI president Bruce Sackman for the upcoming release his book co-written with former SPI speakers Michael Vecchione and Jerry Schmetterer

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Mark Warshavsky awarded the Thomas R. Porter Lifetime Achievement Award

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