About Us

In 1955, a group of 10 men met and decided to formulate an organization dedicated to fostering networking between law enforcement professionals. These men envisioned an organization that would be called The Society of Professional Investigators of New York. They were investigative professionals who began their careers toiling during World War 2 for the OSS/OSI, the Office of Strategic Services/Office of Strategic Intelligence which was the predecessor to the CIA.

Therefore, with the help of Herman Bass Esq., they petitioned the Supreme Court of the First Judicial District of New York State on July 3, 1956 to incorporate the Society of Professional Investigators (SPI) under the Membership Incorporations Law of New York State. Finally, Justice Felix C. Benvenga signed an order granting the incorporation on July 6, 1956 and it was filed with the NYS Secretary of State on July 9, 1956.

Today’s SPI is quite different then the organization as it appeared in 1956. Just as the criminal justice profession has changed, so has SPI.

Today we incorporated professions unheard of in 1956. These include, but are not limited to: DNA specialists, Computer Forensic Investigators, Forensic Odontologists, Forensic Accountants and other specialties as well as members from the traditional investigative community.

Those who have joined SPI have indeed joined an auspicious organization with a tremendous history.

The mission of SPI is to provide the very best forum possible for the education, training and networking of our members. Each month SPI members meet at Forlini’s Restaurant in New York City, the legendary Italian restaurant behind the Manhattan Criminal Courts Building on Baxter Street, to listen to guest speakers who are the very tops in their fields. SPI also provides training programs and an annual awards dinner honoring leaders in our professions.

Featured In The New Yorker and The New York Times.

The Society of Professional Investigators does not wait until veterans or Memorial day to honor our nation’s heroes. Each year SPI honors a select number of wounded warriors with a dinner and a one year free membership in our organization.