Medal Of Honor Captain Florent Groberg will be honored at SPI's 61st Awards Dinner

SPI is pleased and honored to announce that Retired U.S. Army Capt. Florent "Flo" Groberg will be our honoree at the Annual Awards Dinner on September 28. French-born Florent Groberg was recognized with America's highest valor award for his actions on Aug. 8, 2012, in Afghanistan.

"On his very worst day, he managed to summon his very best," President Obama said during the Medal of Honor ceremony on November 12, 2015. "That's the nature of courage — not being unafraid, but confronting fear and danger, and performing in a selfless fashion. He showed his guts, he showed his training, how he would put it all on the line for his teammates. That's an American we can all be grateful for."

“Nothing can be accomplished without teamwork," Florent Groberg said. "I wouldn't be here without the incredible acts of my team.”   Watch this captivating and often moving interview of Capt. Groberg with Steven Colbert: