Behind the Murder Curtain - Written by SPI President, Bruce Sackman, Michael Vecchione and Jerry Schmetterer


Publication date: September 2018

In his new book, Behind the Murder Curtain (release date September 2018) SPI President Bruce Sackman hunts doctors and nurses who murder.

Co-written with Michael Vecchione and Jerry Schmetterer, Behind the Murder Curtain is the true story of Bruce Sackman, Special Agent in Charge of the Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General. Forward is written by Dr. Michael Baden.

Sackman’s main responsibilities had        been investigating white-collar crimes such as embezzlement when he is drawn into the macabre world of doctors and nurses who murder their patients. Sackman evolves from an investigator of routine cases to the world’s leading expert on Medical Serial Killers—MSKs—doctors and nurses who ply their evil trade hidden behind the privacy curtain at a patient’s bedside...ain. Directed by  

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