SPI board member Steven Levine on Labor Press Radio

On April 9, 2017, Steven R. Levine, CFE, President and CEO of Prolective Solutions, LLC was interviewed by Labor Press Radio’s Bill Holfeld on AM 970 The Answer on public construction wage requirements and compliance. As Steven puts it: Prevailing wage compliance can be complicated; noncompliance can be costly.

You can read more about the show here on Steven’s LinkedIn and listen to the podcast, archived here on SoundCloud.

SPI Member Paul Babakitis in the Wall Street Journal

Private investigator Paul Babakitis of PGB Executive Investigations was featured in a Wall Street Journal article on January 12, 2017. The story highlights the value of utilizing technology, in the form of video evidence to gather and preserve evidence in landlord-tenant matters. “This article illustrates the importance of credible video evidence and mentions one custom covert video recording appliance that PGB designed and built to assist a property owner in their effort to evict an unscrupulous tenant,” he tells SPI. This investigation led to the arrest, criminal indictment and conviction of an NYPD officer. To read the article, click here:

Use of the SPI logo restricted to members in good standing

logoSPItransparentFollowing a vote at our March 2016 board meeting, the by-laws of our association have been amended with the following:


Article 1 Name, Seal Offices: The SPI logo is authorized for use by active-paid members. If a member fails to pay his/her dues, that authorization expires. Vendors can use the SPI logo with the permission of the Board of Directors.

Private investigators and other investigative professional currently displaying the SPI logo on their website or in their e-mail signature need to be members in good standing to continue doing so. To renew your membership, please contact SPI president Bruce Sackman.

Board member Efrat Cohen on “reverse targeting” on social media

efratLong-time board member Efrat Cohen of Global Intelligence Consultants Inc was interviewed for a story on hackers targeting social media that ran on Philly.com. She warns that even careful social media users who “control their privacy settings” and restrict access are not immune to friends and relatives oversharing on their behalf:

“Once information is posted to a social networking site, it is no longer private,” said Efrat Cohen, a private investigator and a certified identity theft risk management specialist with Global Intelligence Consultants. “The more information you post, the more vulnerable you may become. Even when using high security settings, friends or websites may inadvertently leak your information.”

In December, Efrat was interviewed by Bit of News about exposing marital affairs and brings up the risk of being exposed by others, including the not-so-secret lover being careless on social media:

Social media is an ever-effective tool. With the whole Ashely Madison scandal we are now able to retrieve the million users of that service.

Reverse Targeting is also effective – whereas the adulterer may be cautious, the other party may not! Facebook is the domain of fools – thankfully!

Reverse Targeting is when we know who the “other person is”. So for example if a CEO is having an affair with his secretary, we will also look into the secretary’s social media. Often they will post a photo or a post without thinking that it will expose the other person.

. Read more here: Meet the private investigator who exposes affairs for a living

ALDONYS 2015 seminar at John Jay College

Our friends at ALDONYS, the Associated Licensed Detectives of New York State, are having their yearly educational seminar at John Jay College featuring several SPI members and friends of SPI on Friday, November 6, 2015. Attendees will understand how to manage and conduct several different types of comprehensive investigations, including Digital protection for investigative personnel; Personal injury photographic investigations; Accident and reconstruction investigations; 21st Century Fraud investigation techniques; Border Patrol challenges… Read more here.