Jan/February 2017 newsletter: OSINT tips and tools

Our first 2017 issue of SPIONLINE reports on our very successful first dinner of the year with guest Brian Willingham, founder of Diligentia Group. A private investigator and trainer in Open Source Intelligence techniques, he gave us a fascinating presentation on how to update old search habits on the internet and try new free tools. Also in this issue, our President, Bruce Sackman has a message for SPI members about the new members directory and 61st SPI gala in September. At our next dinner, we’ll learn how to interpret cyberleads and connect the digital dots with Chad Los Schumacher of iThreat Cyber Group. We also meet new members and learn what to expect with the Trump presidency and new Congress in matters relevant to the investigative professions.

To download the November 2016 newsletter in .pdf format, click on the red button below:


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